Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Touchpad Blocker is an essential app for ASUS Zenbook owners

I have an ASUS Zenbook and I really like this super-slim ultrabook. It's not my main computer because the super-sensitive touchpad causes me a ton of grief when I'm doing a lot of typing.

Here comes Touchpad Blocker to the rescue! They describe it as: "Software to prevent cursor from jumping when you are typing on notebook keyboard." I think they were thinking of ASUS Zenbook owners when they developed it.

After installing the free Touchpad Blocker app, I am having far fewer problems with the sensitive touchpad. You can adjust the sensitivity level of the ELAN touchpad, but it's still too sensitive for me. I've already disabled the multi-finger pinch-to-zoom option. I don't want to disable the other features of the touchpad.

I'm still testing Touchpad Blocker, but I think this app is here to stay on this particular laptop. On my other laptops, I don't run into sensitive touchpad issues.

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