Saturday, October 20, 2012

Palm rejection (wrist protection) on iPad writing apps

If you like to write with paper and pen, then you might want to know that several iPad writing apps now feature "palm rejection" (also called wrist protection and other things). This means that you can rest your hand directly on the screen of the iPad while you write using a capacitive stylus.

The palm rejection feature isn't perfect, but it works quite well. I've been testing this on apps like Penultimate, Bamboo Paper, Studio Basic Plus, Notability, and others. This is great for medical students and residents who need to jot notes while they're standing around during hospital rounds or when they're interviewing patients. It's less intrusive to "write" on a screen compared to tapping away on a virtual keyboard.

Stay tuned as I also review a few different capacitive stylus pens for the iPad. I also plan to play around with some handwriting recognition apps as well.

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