Wednesday, December 19, 2012

iPad mini has replaced my iPad 3

I used to take my iPad 3 everywhere. Now, the iPad mini is my sidekick. Although it doesn't have a Retina display (and you will notice the difference if you've been spoiled on an iPad 3 or 4), the mini is extremely portable and has exceptional battery life. It's thinner and lighter than you'd expect.

I'm still waiting to see if some of the newer Windows 8 tablets will replace my iPad. If someone makes an ultra-thin 7.9" model that offers all-day battery life, then I'll replace my iPad mini with that device.

For now, I carry my iPad mini along with my Windows 7 Ultrabook. The iPad mini isn't sufficient when I need to do some serious work.

So, what am I doing with my iPad 3? My kids get to have all the fun! (Actually, you may see it on eBay soon). I admit that the iPad 3 feels very heavy and bulky after you get used to handling the iPad mini.

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