Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mobile apps for neurosurgeons

The following is a guest post:

Neurosurgeons have a master of the brain and CNS anatomy. Mobile apps like Pocket Brain, VCath, Gray's Anatomy, Neuromind, Netter's Atlas, Pocket Guide, iSpineCare, Neuro Toolkit, or Journal Watch can all be useful for medical students or residents who are still learning brain anatomy.

No one is perfect nor do we live in a perfect world; there are incurable diseases, life changing diagnosis, tragic accidents, crime, and natural disasters. With all of the chaos that seems to erupt more and more every day, family and loved ones become the more and more precious and spending time with them becomes a priority. Yet, tragedy can still strike and when you are left to make medical and life altering decisions, the pressure can become unbearable. Head injuries to the brain, skull, or scalp are one of the most frequent medical concerns out there due to the sheer danger associated with them.

If you have ever had to search for a medical specialist, you know the frustrating and long process that is involved. For example, if you suffer from a brain/head/skull/ injury, pituitary tumor, head & neck tumors, pineal tumor, hemifacial spasm, acoustic neuroma, or craniosynostosis (just to name a few); you not only have to find the proper general practitioner, but you’ll have to find a neurologist, neurosurgeon, and probably a skull base surgeon. The list can go on and on while becoming more and more frustrating. If you happen to find yourself or a loved one in a dire circumstance and in need of medical assistance, the search can and usually does become exhausting. It is imperative to stay strong and stick together through any medical ordeal.

Just as important as finding the right Dr. or specialist, it is good to read up on your disease or injury as much as you can. If you find yourself looking for a neurosurgeon or skull base surgeon, be sure to check out they will provide you with the questions and services you and your family may need. No one asks to become injured or diagnosed with a difficult and/or debilitating disease, but as long as everyone stays strong and sticks together, any miracle can happen to ensure a long and healthy life.

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