Sunday, February 25, 2018

Carrying the Galaxy Tab S3 or iPad Pro with a stylus pen

Both the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and iPad Pro are compatible with an active stylus pen.

I use my pen all the time, so I have tried different cases that hold the pen next to the tablet. Samsung calls their stylus the S Pen and Apple calls their stylus the Pencil. While the Apple Pencil needs to be charged, the S Pen does not require charging. The S Pen for the Tab S3 also has a built-in clip:

Since Tab S3 and iPad Pro tablets are so thin, they lack a built-in storage silo for these pens. So, here are a few ways to hold the stylus pen with your tablet:

Pen holder that attaches to a tablet case:

Tablet case with a built-in pen holder:

Attach a pen clip and use that to attach to a tablet cover:

I sure do miss the days when stylus pens would simply fit into a built-in silo:

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