Monday, April 13, 2009

Nokia RX-51 MID

I admit that whenever I go to the airport, I swing by the technology stores to browse gadgets and play with the Nokia N810 tablet Mobile Internet Device (MID). The N810 is a really nice device that runs a simple Linux OS and has a full-featured web browser. It doesn't support business applications such as Microsoft Office, so it really is a device intended to be used for digital media and web browsing. I never purchased one because I already have so many gadgets that it would be impossible to justify.

I think the new Nokia RX-51 is going to be a really nice MID. In fact, Nokia has been very receptive to feedback and improved their tablet by adding a slide-out keyboard, internal GPS, and additional capabilites. What more can they do? Let's see what Nokia delivers later this year with the RX-51. I'm optimistic that it will be a really versatile device that may help physicians who are on-call and who need to have Internet access while they're out of the house. No one wants to carry around a laptop computer, but people may slip a tiny MID in their pockets.

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