Saturday, May 16, 2009

Podcast about Hardware for EMRs

I was recently interviewed by Dr. Alan Brookstone on Canadian EMR and I invite you to like to listen to our podcast where we discussed hardware around Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). Do you use an EMR or EHR? Do you prefer laptops or mobile desktops? Tablet PC?


  1. Love the concepts Dr. alan had about EMR technologies. Now more and more technologies have been introduce in EMR system. By the end of 2014 all Hospitals in Us will have an EMR system as it is adviced by the Govt.

  2. Yah Jay is right really love the concepts of Dr. Alan about EMR. There are some issues faced by doctors and staff about EMR. What i feel about EMR is that doctors and clinical staff are not that trained to handle the EMR devices as they should be.