Friday, June 5, 2009

Viliv X70EX UMPC

James Kendrick at jkOnTheRun has been reviewing the Viliv X70EX UMPC (ultra-mobile PC) and it looks like a really interesting device. It's a small tablet PC that could also be considered a mobile internet device or MID. Since it runs both XP and Linux, I guess it could be considered both a UMPC or MID. It looks thin and reminds me of my Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC. I have the thinner version, not the "Premium" version of the Samsung Q1 Ultra. I mainly use it as a note pad during corporate meetings, but I also use it as a mobile internet device and multimedia player. If the Viliv X70 is priced well, it may put some heat against netbooks. My gut tells me that it will be overpriced (like the Samsung Q1 series) and it will have a hard time surviving in the U.S. market. Image source: jkOnTheRun

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