Saturday, July 18, 2009

Viliv S5 reviewed by PC Magazine

The Viliv S5 Premium has been reviewed by PC Magazine. It's a tiny little PC (also known by some as an ultra-mobile PC or UMPC).

Conclusion = Fair
Bottom Line:
The Viliv S5 Premium is a pocket-sized MID with a touch-only interface and a full blown operating system, but the price is real deal-breaker here.
  • Fits nicely into a large pocket. Featherweight PC. Good battery life.
  • Processor not running full speed.
  • Wireless throughput is slow.
  • Choked during 720p HD playback.
  • Haptic keyboard needs predictive text.
  • Resolution too high for text on a 4.8-inch screen.
  • Too expensive for stripped down netbook.
  • Lacks a physical keyboard.
I'm surprised it even got 2 stars and a "fair" rating with that list of cons. The question in my mind is this: Is the ultra-mini PC market simply not practical? Without a doubt, it's not practical for most consumers. But what about for the healthcare industry? At what point does a computer become too small that it loses its value?

There must be a reason why I'm not using my OQO model 02 very much these days. I use my Samsung Q1 Ultra and Thinkpad X200 all the time. However, my model 02 simply isn't getting much use anymore. Is it simply an impractical luxury? Click here for the full review of the Viliv S5 on PC Magazine.

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