Friday, August 7, 2009

How well do you understand SEO?

SEO = search engine optimization

How well do you understand SEO? There are experts out there who have careers devoted to the topic of SEO. Increasing search engine traffic can be critical to any business that wishes to leverage the Internet. I've learned a few things about SEO over the years, but I'm certainly no expert. Perhaps you're looking for an SEO Expert for your company. If you're starting a new website, then SEO is critical because that may be one major source of your traffic.

How would you rate your website traffic? Do you know where to begin to even evaluate that? Every physician should have a website. Every doctor's office, clinic, hospital, and medical center should have dedicated websites because more consumers are looking for health information on the Internet. They are looking for physicians and other types of healthcare providers by searching on Google and Yahoo (let's not forget about Bing). I've seen many physicians leverage social media such as blogs and Twitter to promote their medical services. What about you?

We've seen some significant changes in search engines over the past several years. Google leads the pack, but Yahoo may be capturing a different audience. Microsoft had Live Search and then rebranded that as Bing. Other search engines like or custom search engines such as Wikipedia (notice how Wikipedia seems to come up on the first page of Google searches?) have also been gaining traction.

You may wish to Contact SEO Expert to see how you might be able to improve your website traffic. You can often get free quotes and statistics that can provide you with some guidance on how you may be able to improve your website.

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