Sunday, November 29, 2009

Babies, sleep, and handheld computers

What's the link? Well, I have a new baby at home. The last time I had a new baby at home, I was severely sleep-deprived. However, I still wanted to do a bit of computing (sorry, I can't help myself) and I was able to do this with different handheld computers.

Now that smartphones are becoming more powerful, I may be able to use my HTC Touch Pro2 running Opera Mobile 10 (beta) to do most of my computing. However, I also have the option of using my OQO model 02 or my Samsung Q1 Ultra. Both of these are handheld devices and I use a wrist strap so that if I accidentally drop it, it doesn't hit the floor.

Continue to follow this blog and you may see me holding a baby and doing some handheld computing...

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