Monday, November 16, 2009

Will the growth in health IT revive the tablet PC industry?

I use a tablet PC. Many other physicians also use a tablet PC in the office or hospital with their electronic medical/health record (EMR or EHR). However, there are many who use a convertible tablet and primarily use it as a laptop/notebook.

Will the growth in health IT revive the tablet PC industry as more physicians start using EMRs that leverage pen-based data entry? I think it would be fantastic to see a growth in small tablets (or ultra-mobile PCs) in the health care industry. There are many doctors who love technology and gadgets. As more embrace touch-screen smartphones like the Apple iPhone, they will recognize the power of multi-touch gestures and other features that are commonly found in tablet PCs.

As we see more health care providers make the switch from paper records to electronic records, let's hope to see a reviving effect in the tablet PC marketplace.

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