Thursday, November 12, 2009

XP yields longer battery life than Windows 7

You may not be surprised to discover that Windows XP results in longer battery life compared to Windows 7 if you're using a netbook. There are many variables when it comes to battery life comparison studies, but if you're going to browse the Internet via Wi-Fi, then you're likely to get longer battery life on a netbook running Windows XP compared to Windows 7. According to this blog post on Laptop Magazine, you will see substantial reductions in battery life if you're running Windows 7 on a netbook.

So, what if you're running a standard notebook? Tablet PC? Ultra-mobile PC? Do the results on a netbook translate to other mobile devices?

Netbooks generally use very low voltage processors (single core) and small screens. Plus, several come with SSD options (although more are now coming with standard 1.8" spinning hard drives). So you have to really examine where your power is being drained.

Other industry studies seem to suggest that Windows 7 may result in longer battery life on standard laptops and other mobile computers. I suppose the bottom line is that you should run the test yourself. Create a dual-boot partition on your hard drive and test different operating systems to see which one gives you the best battery life. I'm sticking with Windows 7 on my tablet since I'm willing to sacrifice battery life for the tablet features.

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