Saturday, December 19, 2009

Should you get a desktop or a laptop?

In the past, it made a lot of sense to get a desktop computer. You get much more processing power, storage space, RAM, etc. for much less money. Now, as laptops become more affordable and power-efficient, it's becoming a difficult decision for consumers who do not need the "latest and greatest" in computing horsepower.

For instance, if you work in a medical office and you need a simple computer to run your EHR (electronic health record), then you don't need premium graphics or a super-fast processor. Any modern computer will probably suffice since many EHR solutions are built to run on relatively modest computers. This means that a modern laptop that may cost $400-600 will be more than sufficient. I'm not talking about tiny netbooks. If you're shopping for your office and you're spending more than $800 for a standard business laptop, then you might be paying too much. Of course, if you choose to get a tablet PC, then you can expect to spend much more for these. 

Many office personnel don't use a tablet, so they're generally fine with either a desktop or a laptop. Who needs a desktop these days? Why not get a portable device that has its own built-in uninterruptible power supply ( UPS )? Why not get a laptop so that you have the flexibility to carry the computer to a different location? Why not get a laptop so that you can save on electricity costs? Why not get a laptop so that you can easily take work home? (then again, maybe you should not get a laptop).

So at the end of the day, if you're shopping for a computer for work purposes, it probably makes much more sense to get a laptop. Make sure to lock it down so that it doesn't easily wander off.

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