Friday, February 26, 2010

HP Slate vs. Apple iPad

I really wish I could compare the HP Slate against the Apple iPad. I'm sure others will compare these 2 devices, but I plan to approach the comparison from the health care perspective.

I believe the HP Slate will be a fully functional Windows 7 tablet PC. In some ways, it will remind many users of the Motion Computing LS800 small slate tablet PC (I doubt many people had this device because it was so expensive).

The Apple iPad runs the same OS found on the iPhone and iPod touch, so unless Apple releases an iSlate or an iTablet that runs Mac OS X, it won't be a fair comparison to put the iPad up against the HP Slate. Then again, it's probably too premature for me to make these types of statements.

I'm also eager to see what types of devices I'll see at HIMSS10 next week. Make sure to follow all my blogs since most of my HIMSS-related blogs will get published on

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  1. Agreed. The Notion Ink Adam is a more likely comparison to the iPad. Except for marketing, iPad looses on every front from these other devices.