Friday, June 25, 2010

Mobile Health on Google and Yahoo

What happens if you type "mobile health" into Google or Yahoo? You'll see a variety of websites come up on the first page, including

Now, I wonder how many people out there are typing "mobile health" into search engines? What are they looking for? If you ask the average consumer to define "mobile health," I think most of them would struggle. Are you referring to a mobile health clinic? A hospital on wheels? A mobile hospital?

I doubt that your average consumer is thinking about the application of mobile technology in the world of health care. That trend is slowly changing and mobile devices like the Apple iPad and other tablets are going to change that as more health and medical apps continue to show up for these devices. Smartphones are also changing the world of health care as consumers and health care professionals leverage these mobile devices to record and retrieve information.

So, I predict that more people will be looking for "mobile health" resources on the Internet. They'll be using search engines like Google and Yahoo to research information about mobile health or mHealth. Right now, if you type "mHealth" into a search engine, you'll be flooded by websites that are mainly mHealth conferences around the globe. Speaking of mHealth, I hope to see you at the 2nd International mHealth Networking Conference (, by the mHealth Initiative Inc (mHI).

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