Saturday, September 4, 2010

Computing on a plane that has a working AC power outlet!

I'm on my way to San Diego for the 2nd International mHealth Networking Conference in San Diego on Sept 8-9. I'll be making a presentation is titled, "Technology and Medicine: Mobile Applications and Clinical Outcomes."

I'm sitting on the plane and I see that we actually have a standard working power outlet on our seats. I don't need an airline DC power adapter anymore. I can just plug in my standard AC adapter and use my computer.  When's the last time you flew on an airplane that had working AC power outlets on the seats? It's also great to have in-flight Wi-Fi. I can keep up with all my work and stay connected to the world as I fly across the country. What would I do without you, Gogo inflight internet?

Speaking of the mHealth conference, if you'd like to hear my presentation at the mHealth conference, make sure to catch me on Thurs, Sept 9 at 10 am.  Here's some general information about the conference:

2nd International mHealth Networking Conference
September 8-9, 2010
Town & Country Resort Hotel
San Diego CA

Click here to view the program and I look forward to seeing you at the mHealth Networking Conference!

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