Monday, September 6, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad

People are already comparing the Samsung Galaxy Tab to the Apple iPad. Given that the iPad is still a first generation product, we can expect that newer slate tablets released by the competition will include additional features such as cameras, USB ports, SD card readers, etc.

So, which is better? Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Apple iPad? Is this a fair comparison? Would you rather run iOS or Android? Do you need a 10" screen or a 7" screen?

Eventually, maybe we'll find people who use an iPhone will need an Android tablet so that they can run Android apps. Those who use a Droid will carry an iPad or iPod touch so that they can run iOS apps.  Someone needs to come up with a dual-boot, triple-boot, or quad-boot slate tablet that will run iOS, Android, webOS, and BlackBerry. When will we see someone hack a slate and make it quad-boot compatible?

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