Thursday, November 4, 2010

The tablet wars are up and running

According to researcher Strategy Analytics, Apple has 95% of the slate tablet market right now. They've sold almost 5 million iPads (and I'm sure they'll sell many more this holiday season). People who have smartphones are buying iPads. People who have computers are buying iPads. Even though it has similar capabilities found on a smartphone or computer, the iPad is gaining marketshare in the consumer market. At the same time, Google is making a very strong push to get a number of different computer manufacturers to release slate tablets running Android. Consumers are jumping all over these tablets! We're seeing them in coffee shops, libraries, airports, schools, and business settings.

So, how about the enterprise health care market? Will slate tablets become an integral part of the health care delivery system? I think they will and I can envision them playing a variety of roles such as diagnostics, patient education, integration with EHR and CPOE systems, and much more.

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