Thursday, December 23, 2010

HP Slate 500 vs. HP PalmPad

We know that the HP Slate 500 is running Windows 7. It's a full slate tablet PC.

The rumored HP PalmPad will run HP webOS, so it should have much longer battery life as it competes against the Apple iPad and Android slates like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Will the PalmPad include an active digitizer for pen-based computing? Will webOS be the only operating system option? (wouldn't it be nice if we could load Android on the device? I'm sure someone will find a way to do that).

I'm so accustomed to using an active digitizer pen for inking and writing notes. Given that the current iPad only accommodates capacitive touch, it's very difficult to accurately use a stylus pen to draw/write/ink on the screen. That's where the HP Slate 500 has a significant advantage. I'm eager to know if the upcoming PalmPad will also include an active digitizer.

The HP Slate 500 runs $799. How much will the HP PalmPad run? $499, $599, or $699? (surely it won't be $799). 

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