Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How many iPads will we see at #HIMSS11?

Last year, when HIMSS was in Atlanta, we didn't see any iPads. Apple had just made the announcement about the iPad and exhibitors were giving away free iPads (that were going to be shipped in April).

This year, I'm sure we'll see thousands of iPads at HIMSS11. Given that we're going to have over 29,000 health information technology professionals in Orlando, it should be quite a spectacle to see so many gadgets in a conventional hall exhibit floor.

Next year might be a different story since the slate tablet market will be more diversified with more slate tablets running Google Android, HP webOS, RIM BlackBerry, and even Microsoft Windows 7.

For 2011, the Apple iPad will be the dominating slate tablet at HIMSS11. I'm sure we'll see a few people carrying an Android slate like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Dell Streak, but I predict that the majority of attendees will have an iPad.

Speaking of HIMSS11, make sure to catch me for my two presentations (Mon and Wed afternoons). More details of my presentations can be found here.

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