Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HP unveils the TouchPad tablet running webOS

HP has entered the slate tablet space (yet again, since they already have the HP Slate 500 running Windows 7) with the TouchPad tablet running webOS. From a distance, the TouchPad might look like an Apple iPad. However, this slate device runs webOS (and the name "Palm" has been effectively removed from all webOS products). It's dual-core processor will provide a faster experience than the current iPad and webOS is built for true multi-tasking. Plus, the HP TouchPad will display Adobe Flash.

You'll have to wait until the summer to buy one of these. By then, Apple will have the iPad 2 out there. 2011 is truly the year of the "slate revolution" and I look forward to testing all these different devices. If you're not sure that you'll become an adopter, just wait. In time, I think the majority will adopt these slate devices.

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