Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reviewing the Professional iPad Briefcase

I've had the opportunity to use the Professional iPad Briefcase for the past few weeks. This is a very unique case that you won't find anywhere else. I have to credit one of the founders: an MIT engineer who went to medical school (that sounds like me, but I'm not the founder of this iPad Briefcase). I think you'll be impressed by the overall design and innovation woven into this case.

First - it's a professional briefcase plus an iPad case. It actually resembles a mini briefcase since it's so slim and small compared to standard briefcases. If you're working in the hospital and you always want to have your iPad by your side, then this is a great way to keep your iPad with you. You can hang the case on your shoulder or you can carry it in your hand like a slim briefcase. The case holds your iPad securely and also allows you to prop it up at an angle.

The case comes with a removable shoulder strap attachment that lets you use the case while it's on your shoulder. You simply unlock the case, open the flap, and you have immediate access to your iPad (in landscape mode).  When you're done, simply close the flap and you're on your way.

When I was using the case, I found that it was very easy to use the iPad while the case was around my shoulder. Plus, I could quickly remove the case from my shoulder and hold the iPad in my hands. 

The flaps are both protective and functional as storage space. You'll find several pockets and compartments where you can store business cards, credit cards, or small papers. On the outside of the case, you'll find a larger compartment for your papers.

The case is slim and light and it also includes a loop for your pen or stylus. It's very easy to slip the iPad in and out of the case and this case looks like it will do a good job protecting your iPad in the event of an unexpected drop.

To learn more about the Professional iPad Briefcase, click here.

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