Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's the best iPad stylus pen?

I love my iPad, but I miss inking on a traditional tablet PC. That's why I'm now on the hunt to find a nice stylus pen for the Apple iPad. There are a variety of them out there, but which one is the "best" one?  It can't be too easy to make a functional capacitive stylus.  Maybe that's why some of these pens have gotten poor ratings by users.

Right now, there are several options out there including:
  • Griffin Technology Stylus for iPad
  • BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus
  • Targus Stylus for Apple iPad 
  • Hard Candy Cases iPad Stylus
  • Acase Apple iPad Capacitive Stylus
  • Ten One Design Pogo Sketch stylus for iPad
What's been your experience with these stylus pens? This weekend, I plan to visit my local Apple store so that I can test some of them out.

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  1. There's an alternative for the foam and rubber styli. For a no drag, no pressure experience, there's the conductive fabric Stylus Socks for iPad. And for people with additional support needs, the same "conductive sock" concept is used for a mouth stick and steady stylus. More at Etsy: