Saturday, March 19, 2011

Win a free app! LogMeIn Ignition

Here's your chance to win a free app! LogMeIn Ignition. We're giving away three (3) copies of LogMeIn Ignition here on and we need your help to promote this contest!

I've been using LogMeIn Ignition for the past few months and I've found this to be an "essential" app for my iPad. It's been a great way for me to access my PC or Mac remotely from my Apple iPad. LogMeIn Ignition has some nice features that facilitates the remote computing experience on a touch-screen device like the iPad. They also have an application for Android smartphones & tablets. You can read my review of the iPad version here.

Here's how you can enter the contest:

  1. Leave a single comment at the bottom of this blog post explaining how you plan to use LogMeIn Ignition to remotely access your computer from your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) Your creativity can help you win! Make sure to include your full name with your comment.
  2. You'll need a Facebook account for this second step: "Like" the following four pages on Facebook:
It's that simple. Leave a comment and like 4 Facebook pages for a chance to win one of three LogMeIn Ignition apps.

How the winners will be chosen: Two of the winners will be selected at random. The third winner will be selected based on the creativity of your comment.

This contest will run from Feb 21, 2011 to May 21, 2011.

On May 23, 2011, we will announce three winners here on!

Each winner will receive a free LogMeIn Ignition app for either their iOS or Android device. = Winners will be notified via their Facebook page.

With LogMeIn Ignition, you’re just a touch or click away from all your computers. Install LogMeIn Ignition on your iPhone, iPad or Android deviceand get to your information anytime, anywhere.


  1. I've looked at several remote desktop apps that work to make the iPad and other mobile devices a more powerful road companion and, as per an earlier review on this site, LogMeIn seems to be at the top of the class--offering simple connectivity that doesn't require advanced networking controls. Would love to give this app a try.

  2. i'll be using this to access my pc at home for important files. maybe transfer a movie to watch when im out travelling. thanks for this opportunity to win the app.

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  4. I'd love to try this on my iPad.

  5. My name is Ellen Kim and I would love to use this with my Android mobile device to access my office-based EMR.

  6. to gain flash access on the go!