Thursday, October 20, 2011

Computing all day while attending Connected Health #CHS11

I'm at the Connected Health Symposium here in Boston. I see a lot of people with laptops and they're looking for seats next to power outlets. People using iPads can go all day on a single charge, but most laptops don't have that kind of computing battery power. I'm here with my HP EliteBook and I've got enough battery power to go all day, so I don't need to carry my AC power adapter.

I'm using the HP EliteBook along with the ultra-slim battery that attaches on the bottom of the laptop. This ultra-slim battery also helps to keep the laptop a bit cooler when it's sitting on your lap. Other laptops also come with expended batteries that attach as ultra-slim batteries on the bottom of the laptop. Some of the new ThinkPads by Lenovo come with this type of battery option. Plus, advances in computer processors are allowing laptops, netbooks, and ultrabooks to last longer on a single battery. Soon, we won't need external battery packs if you're not near a power outlet.

In the past, I used to carry an external battery pack so that I could keep my laptop powered. I've seen a few people here at the conference using these types of universal battery packs.

Sometimes, I still attend conferences with my iPad, but my need for enterprise-level applications has caused me to switch back to a PC. I'm sure that mobile operating systems like iOS or Android will evolve to support enterprise-level applications in the future. Or, we'll see mobile versions of these applications. The emergence of ultrabooks may change the game for iPad users who also carry around a keyboard. Plus, we're seeing Android-powered tablets like the Lenovo ThinkPad that comes with USB and HDMI ports, keyboard cases, and other options that are essential for the business user.

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