Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3 Simple Reasons Why the Kindle Fire is So Popular

Recently, I had a chance to play around with a Kindle Fire. I don't plan to buy one (mainly because I already have enough gadgets), but I can see why this device has been such a hit. This is certainly not your average Kindle. Here are 5 reasons why the Kindle is such a hit right now:

1. Size: The device is small and portability means everything. The larger screen size of an iPad may be nice, but it's not nearly as convenient.

2. Price: At $199, the price is very hard to beat. Most other tablets still range around $300-600 on average.

3. Simplicity: The Android OS is simple to navigate. Amazon has also incorporated its own set of restrictions so the Fire will feel like an Android tablet at times, but it won't have all the capabilities of other Android tablets.

I predict that Amazon will release future models of the Fire that will include:

1. A built-in camera on the front and back
2. A built-in microSD card slot (many other Android tablets include this already)
3. A built-in WWAN radio (3G or 4G) so that you can connect when you don't have Wi-Fi

So, what's going to happen to all the other Kindles? Will the black-and-white Kindle readers still be very popular items, or will we see color screen devices everywhere? The original Kindles are very readable when you're outside sitting in the bright sun, so these will still be choice gadgets for the beaches and pools. But, will color screen technology evolve so that they overcome the popularity of the digital ink Kindles?

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