Monday, October 29, 2012

Can't wait to try the iPad mini

I'm a fan of slightly smaller tablets because I like the portability factor and I like to hold them in one hand. Smaller tablets like the HTC EVO View 4G and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 are great little devices, but they're rather slow and I prefer iOS apps over Android apps. Even though you may find the same apps developed for iOS and Android, the user experience can be fairly different between those two operating systems.

So, the iPad mini is one of those devices that I've been predicting for several years and I'm looking forward to trying one out.

Like the original iPad, the iPad mini will improve with each successive generation model, so that's why I tend to keep my devices in fairly pristine condition so that I can sell them and use those funds towards newer models.

I agree with many bloggers that the iPad mini is priced too high, but pricing is based on what the market will bear and I'm sure that Apple won't have any problems selling many iPad minis this fall. Of course, it's also interesting to see that the release of the iPad mini (along with the pricing announcement) has propelled sales of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

I would have liked to see a Retina display and a faster processor on the iPad mini, but I'm willing to forego these luxuries on the first generation model. I'm sure by the 2nd or 3rd gen models, we'll see these specs improve.

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