Tuesday, October 23, 2012

iPad mini - perfect for medical students and residents

Let's face it - medical students and residents don't have a lot of money. Medical students are frequently living off of loans while residents are making less than minimum wage (if you calculate their wages based on an hourly rate). So, the announcement today about the iPad mini should make students and residents very happy now! You can get an iPad mini for $329 and the device will even fit right in your white coat pocket! So, no need for any fancy holsters or straps to carry this gadget around the hospital. Plus, with 10 hrs of battery life, you won't be looking for an outlet during lunch to charge your device.

It's interesting to read how some analysts feel that Apple is now playing defense in the tablet market. They've released a product to compete against Android tablets like the Google Nexus 7, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and other 7" tablets that are in the $300 price range.

If the iPad mini had a retina display option, then I'd get in line to pre-order one on Oct 26. I may still pre-order one anyway, but for now I'll continue to use my iPad since I don't need to squeeze it into any white coat pockets.

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