Sunday, February 10, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro

You can order Microsoft Surface Pro directly from Microsoft. I'm still trying to understand why Microsoft decided to venture into the hardware side of the Windows business this year with Surface Pro.

Surface Pro starts at $899 (for the 64 GB version). The 128 GB version is $999. Surface Pro is a Windows 8 tablet PC and you can attach either a Touch Cover or a Type Cover. You can also use the Surface Pen for accurate writing and drawing. The pen costs $29.

If you're thinking about ordering one, don't miss the following:
  • 64 GB (approximately 29 GB available for user content) 
  • 128 GB (approximately 89 GB available for user content) 
In other words, the 64 GB version hardly has very little usable space. If you plan to use this device like a standard PC, you'll definitely want the 128 GB version.

Also, you can expect roughly 5 hours of battery life.

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