Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday specials on notebooks

I may buy a notebook this Friday as a gift for someone in the family. This individual is not a "power user," so I don't need to buy the latest and greatest PC that's out there. Which notebook is the right choice? I found one budget notebook that was roughly $200, but this one seems a bit too slow. It's hard to justify purchasing a machine that has a single core processor (unless you're getting a netbook). I'm not planning on buying a netbook for this individual.

I'll continue to scan the deals. Sometimes the best deals occur after Christmas as people return unopened (and even opened) merchandise. I'm willing to purchase an "open box" special if it means I'll save. Some of the best deals I've ever found were open box specials from online retailers like MacMall/PCMall, NewEgg, etc. As a general rule, I won't purchase an open box refurbished item. I don't have problems with refurbished computers, but if it was a returned refurbished item, then I stay away from those.

Hope you find some good deals this week!

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