Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Win a Fujitsu T4310 Tablet PC (with multi-touch)

I'm in the spirit of promoting free products right now. If you enjoy drawings and contests, then head over to to win a Fujitsu T4310 Tablet PC with multi-touch. Windows 7 has some nice multi-touch features that are only available if you have a tablet PC that uses a capacitive touch screen. My Thinkpad X200 tablet PC only has an active digitizer and a passive touch screen, so I'm missing out. However, maybe I'll win a free T4310! I don't think I'd switch since the T4310 doesn't have the one key feature that I'm looking for. That feature is an illuminated keyboard. I do all my blogging at night, so an illuminated keyboard is the one feature I'm waiting to see. The HP EliteBook 2730p has an LED light for the keyboard, but I'd personally prefer a light under the keyboard.

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