Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can you afford a $49,246 laptop?

I received this e-mail from Intel and I thought I'd share it since it really communicates an important message:

Over 12,000 laptops are stolen every week from airports alone. In 2009, the average cost of a missing laptop was $49,246. What if one of those was from your organization? Would your patient data be safe?

Laptop computers are essential to mobile healthcare, but their mobility and convenience put organizations at heightened risk of a data breach. With increasingly stringent HIPAA regulations and stiffer penalties resulting from the HITECH Act, keeping patient data secure is a business necessity. Unauthorized access to patient data or hospital systems resulting from a stolen or lost laptop could cause severe economic and legal consequences — in 2009, the total average cost of a data breach was a sobering $6.75 million. And the rate at which customers "jump ship" after a data breach is significantly higher for healthcare organizations — even higher than for financial organizations.

Attend an upcoming Intel Webinar (co-sponsored by Frost & Sullivan) to learn these key trends and solutions:

* The challenges in protecting healthcare data
* The rules governing the protection of healthcare data and the consequences of noncompliance
* Keeping sensitive healthcare data out of the wrong hands
* Employing new technology that offers rapid lockdown and rapid recovery to keep you in compliance with healthcare data security laws

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