Saturday, April 3, 2010

Did you buy an iPad today?

So, if you bought an iPad today, what do you think? Any buyer's remorse? Frustrated that you can't access web pages that have Adobe Flash?

Many people have asked me if I'll be buying an iPad. Not now. In fact, I probably won't buy the first generation iPad since I know that the 2nd generation iPad will be a better device and I won't want to sell a first generation iPad to buy a 2nd generation iPad. The big question in my mind is: "when will the 2nd generation iPad get released?"

I'm also keeping an eye on the HP Slate. This device will run Windows 7, be compatible with Adobe Flash, and I believe it will have an SD card slot and USB ports. I think it may also have a webcam.

I'm also waiting to see what type of Android slate tablets get released this year.

Given that the iPad doesn't support Adobe Flash, you'll run into problems if you try to access websites that have Flash animation.

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