Monday, July 19, 2010

Windows Live Sync may require Windows 7 or Vista

If you're using Windows Live Sync (or any other Windows Live feature), you may need to get ready to upgrade your PC to either Windows Vista or Windows 7.

I use Windows Live Sync (formerly known as FolderShare) to synchronize my files on several computers. This way, the changes I make on one machine are reflected on all my computers. Windows Live Sync is a great free application for mobile road warriors and others who use multiple computers. Well, here's a notice that I saw on the Windows Live Sync website:
Check out the new version of Windows Live Sync, now available in beta! Note that Sync beta doesn’t work with the previous version of Sync—if you upgrade, you’ll need to do so on all your computers. Sync beta is available for Mac, but can't be installed on computers running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.
Upon visiting that new Windows Live Essentials beta page, I was disappointed to read that all these new features would only work on computers running Vista or Windows 7. Here's what it says:
Windows Live Essentials beta includes free programs from Microsoft for photos, movies, instant messaging, e‑mail, blogging, and more. Get them all in one download and get more done with Windows.

Windows Live Essentials beta requires Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Learn how to upgrade from Windows XP. It includes beta versions of Messenger, Photo Gallery, Mail, Movie Maker, Writer, Family Safety, and Sync, plus Bing Bar and Messenger Companion. You also get Microsoft Office Outlook Connector Pack and Microsoft Silverlight.
Maybe it's time to upgrade some of my old computers. I'm using one old PC as my Windows Live Sync personal servers. That machine is running Windows XP, so it may be time to switch to Vista.

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