Thursday, July 15, 2010

A great (and cheap) way to organize your gadget cables (USB, power, etc.): binder clips

Are you tired of picking up your gadget charging cable off the ground? Do you need a quick and effective solution? Try large binder clips.

If you're like me, then you may have several different gadgets on your desk. Some are plugged in, others are not. Some may have a docking station or cradle. Others rely on loose USB or charging cables. Don't you hate it when the cable falls to the floor?

In this photo, you'll see that I've taken very large binder clips and I've attached them to the edge of a cabinet that is roughly 1" thick. Then, I've taken each USB cable or charging cable and I've simply passed them through the handle on each binder clip.

The cables stay off the ground. I can easily put the cables on the "hanger" after I'm done charging my device and I can add more clips if I get more cables. It's too bad that I can't apply for a patent for this little invention.

What other practical tips or tricks would you like to share?

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