Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be replacing my Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC

I've been using my Samsung Q1 Ultra Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) for a variety of things over the past few years. It's time to replace this mobile computer with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Why?

Although I like my Q1 Ultra, the device is slow, heavy, and it doesn't have all-day battery life. The Q1 Ultra is a full PC running Windows 7 (or Vista, or XP) and that's just not the right operating system for a mobile device.

Both the Q1 Ultra and the Galaxy Tab have 7" screens. I'd rather use a super-thin tablet that runs Android over a thick, clunky Windows 7 slate. Then again, maybe I should wait to see what the HP Slate looks like. That device will be running webOS. Will webOS be a better operating system for such a mobile device?

I'm also wondering if Apple will release a smaller version of the iPad in a 7", widescreen model. When it comes to the slate tablet form factor, Samsung has the right idea by creating something with a 7" screen. The iPad is nice, but a 9.7" screen makes it a bit too large for me. Then again, maybe 7" is too similar to a smartphone like the Motorola Droid X that has a 4.3" screen.

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