Friday, October 29, 2010

NOOKcolor: a color slate with Wi-Fi

At $249, the Amazon NOOKcolor is an affordable Android slate tablet for those of you who need something that has a larger screen. This Wi-Fi slate has a 7" color screen and you can have access to over 2 million books. Plus, you can read magazines in full color.

The NOOKcolor will run on a custom version of Google Android. At this point, I don't think many people know what that really means. Will the NOOKcolor run standard Android apps?

Here's one of the best features of the NOOKcolor:
NOOKcolor takes Barnes & Noble's exclusive LendMe™ technology one step further with the new LendMe™ App. With NOOKcolor, lend a book to a friend, plus now you can also ask to borrow one of their books. All LendMe™ books can be shared once with friends at no cost, for up to 14 days.
You can learn more about the NOOKcolor here.  I may need to buy one for the kids.

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