Friday, May 20, 2011

PDair book case for HP Slate 500 tablet PC

The HP Slate 500 is a great little tablet PC, but the OEM case doesn't allow you to hold the tablet up at different angles. I chose to get the PDair book case because this case allows you to hold the slate up at 3 different angles. PDair makes two types of book cases for the HP Slate 500.

I got this case from Amazon: "PDair BX2 Black Leather Case for HP Slate 500 Tablet PC"

The PDair case shipped from Hong Kong. The book case is made of high quality leather and the craftsmanship is very impressive. The case is thicker than the OEM case, but I think it's worth the extra thickness given all the functionality and extra protection it offers. The case is held closed by small magnets.  In many ways, this case reminds me of the Marware C.E.O. Hybrid iPad Case.

Here are some photos of the PDair book case for HP Slate 500 tablet PC:

You'll see that the slot for the pen is on the side. The pen remains exposed, but at least it won't scratch your slate. The pen is easy to access when you have the slate held up at an angle.

Here are a few other photos:

Here is a shot from the other side:

  1. Offers 3 different angles for viewing and displaying
  2. Excellent build quality
  3. Genuine high quality leather
  4. Pen holder on the side makes it easy to use the pen when the slate is held up at an angle
  5. Strong magnetic closure flaps

  1. You can't hold the slate up while it's plugged into the charger (however, you can flip the entire thing upside down)
  2. Expensive (but the leather and build quality is excellent)
  3. Difficult to finger-tap on the corners or edges of the screen because the case comes up to the edge of the screen
  4. The case is relatively thick
  5. Pen holder on the side exposes the pen tip to potential damage

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