Sunday, July 1, 2012

The original iPad won't support iOS 6

Those of us who were early adopters purchased the original iPad. Many of us went ahead and upgraded to the iPad 2 or the New iPad. The rest of us who are still using the original iPad will be stuck on iOS 5 and will soon find that certain apps will no longer run on our devices. It's nearly impossible to stay current with the latest hardware technology because of the rapid pace of hardware advancement. I've been a happy user of the original iPad, but the time is approaching where I'll need to upgrade to a newer model. I'm also using an Android tablet simultaneously and Lenovo was kind enough to release the latest Android OS (Android 4 also known as Ice Cream Sandwich) on the ThinkPad Tablet, so I'm fortunate to have a tablet running the latest Android OS (and I didn't need to upgrade the hardware).

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