Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The future of computing is virtualization and mobile #DellWorld

Here at Dell World, I listed to Michael Dell and members of their executive team speak on a panel about the future of enterprise computing. We're living in a mobile era where more computing is moving towards mobile and this means we're seeing more utilization of cloud-based services and virtualization.

So, what does this mean for healthcare? For one thing, doctors will have access to tools and resources that will help them maintain productivity when they're mobile. They'll be able to deliver better care when they're outside of the hospital. Also, patient data will become more mobile and accessible. Right now, much of the "waste" in the health care system is driven by repeat diagnostic tests that aren't necessary but they're done due to convenience because clinicians don't have universal access to patient records collected at other health organizations. By building health information exchanges (HIEs), we'll gain access to patient data, but we'll also need robust security solutions to protect the privacy of the patient data.

The traditional PC market is dwindling because of the rapid adoption of mobile devices like Apple iPads and Google Android tablets. Windows 8 launched only 2 months ago and we're still waiting to see the next generation of Windows 8-powered tablets hit the market. Some are available for pre-order and a few are on the shelves of retail stores, but some others won't be shipping until the first quarter of 2013. Windows 8 blends the elements of a mobile OS plus an enterprise Windows environment. Will it turn the PC market around?

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