Monday, March 25, 2013

Windows Blue - the next Windows

It seems like we just got Windows 8 a few months ago. Folks at Microsoft are already working on the next version of Windows called Windows Blue. I guess Windows 9 isn't coming.

I admit that it took me a while to get used to Windows 8 because it feels like there are two operating systems living on a single device. When do you choose one operating system vs. the other? I generally default to the traditional desktop, but I find myself using the Windows 8 apps more. I can't even call these "metro style apps" since the term metro isn't being used or isn't recognized by Microsoft.

Windows Blue is going to be an improvement over Windows 8 and will also be optimized for even better battery life. So, all-day computing will be a reality for those who are always on and computing.

Remember Windows Vista? It launched in 2007. Then, Windows 7 launched in 2009.
Windows 8 launched in 2012.

I predict that we'll see Windows Blue launch in 2014.

Operating system upgrades are a huge headache for IT departments, but we're living in an era where the technology is changing so rapidly that you'll be left behind in a hurry if you can't keep up.

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