Friday, July 3, 2009

Upgrading to Windows 7 from Vista 64-bit

I'm doing a new experiment on my Lenovo Thinkpad X200 Tablet PC. I'm directly upgrading from Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit) to Windows 7 (64-bit). You can't go from a 64-bit operating system to a 32-bit OS (and vice versa). Since my machine has 4 GB of RAM, it may make more sense to run a 64-bit OS. However, if you want to maximize compatibility with peripherals, then stay with a 32-bit OS. I doubt I'll notice any significant changes in performance between 32-bit vs. 64-bit for the types of things I do.

I always recommend a clean install over an upgrade like this, but I'm adventurous. When I get the final copy of Windows 7, I'll do a clean install and then I'll have to reload all my applications. Until October arrives, I'm going to continue my Windows 7 experiments.

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