Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PC World Magazine

I recently got a free subscription to PC World, so I'll be sharing some of my opinions about the articles I read in the August issue. The cover caught my attention:

How to get the best of Windows 7 without upgrading: coax new life out of Vista and XP

I think that you can still get a lot of good life out of Windows XP, but I would encourage anyone currently using Vista to spend the money and upgrade to Windows 7. It just isn't worth the headache of dealing with all the Vista. Unless Microsoft comes up with a 3rd service pack for Vista that fixes many of the remaining bugs (which won't happen because they now have Windows 7), Vista will suffer a similar fate as Windows ME (remember that operating system?). Windows ME was quickly replaced by Windows XP, a solid OS. Well, Vista is going to get replaced by Windows 7.

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