Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thinkpad X200 tablet vs. HP EliteBook 2730p tablet

Instead of writing a single comprehensive review of these two different tablets (Lenovo Thinkpad X200 tablet vs. the HP EliteBook 2730p tablet), I'm putting my thoughts down in separate chunks. Today, I decided to think about some of the pros/cons associated with each convertible tablet. I really like both, but neither is perfect. This isn't a comprehensive list, but let me highlight 3 in each category. Here we go:

Lenovo Thinkpad X200 tablet Pros:
  • Faster processor options (but do you really need that much speed?)
  • "Full-size" keyboard buttons and locations (industry leader in keyboards)
  • Multi-touch screen (I use this all the time)
HP EliteBook 2730p tablet Pros:
  • Keyboard illumination (a huge plus for me!)
  • Slimmer design
  • Better battery life due to slower processors

Lenovo Thinkpad X200 tablet Cons:
  • No keyboard illumination (a huge issue for me since I write at night)
  • Bulkier design (still small, but bulkier compared to the 2730p)
  • Poorer battery life due to faster processors (I have both standard and extended batteries)
HP EliteBook 2730p tablet Cons:
  • Keyboard has some smaller keys in non-conventional locations (you'll get used to it)
  • Lack of a multi-touch screen option (I'm sure this will change in future models)
  • Slower processor options (do you really need that much speed?)
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