Saturday, December 12, 2009

Electronic book readers are becoming very popular

Electronic book (or e-book) readers are becoming very popular this holiday season. The Apple iPod revolutionized the digital music industry. I think we're witnessing a revolution within the digital book industry and we're only seeing the first and second generation models with the Kindle and Nook, so we know that significant changes will occur over the next few years. Of course, Sony has made several revisions to its digital reader, but nothing has been truly revolutionary yet.

Remember the first Apple iPod? How many people do you know who owned one of these devices? I'm talking about the one with the mechanical scroll wheel, a center select button, and 4 buttons around the wheel. It had a grayscale screen and it was expensive. If we look at iPods today, we see significant changes. Who would have thought that the original iPod would have evolved to the current iPod touch?

I'm sure we will see significant changes in e-book readers as well. In fact, my prediction is that we will see some convergence with mobile internet devices, multimedia players like the iPod touch, and e-book readers. As a result, grayscale screens will be a thing of the past. My big question right now is: who's going to release the first e-book reader that has a color screen?

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