Sunday, December 6, 2009

Typing in the dark on a laptop

I do a lot of typing in the dark. While my wife sleeps, I'm often typing away. How else do you think I keep up with my blogs? The lights are off and I try to type softly.

I use an external UBS-powered LED light for my Thinkpad, but I'm constantly tempted to get a laptop that has an illuminated keyboard. At times I'm very tempted to reach over and grab her MacBook Pro and use that at night. Maybe I need to try a different LED light. In any case, I don't plan to purchase a new laptop anytime soon. I'll continue to type in the dark with my external LED until I find a better solution. Maybe I should invest in an external illuminated keyboard and set up a workstation that includes an LCD screen that comes down from the ceiling. That would be the "ultimate" bed-based workstation for those of us who type in bed.

1 comment:

  1. Shut the laptop's lid a bit. After you pass the 90-degree angle, the screen starts to illuminate the entire keyboard; no more need for external light source.

    It works with my 15" laptop & 10" netbook, neither of which sports backlit keyboard.