Monday, January 11, 2010

Mobile computers in the hospital

The last time you were in a hospital, did you notice many mobile computers? You may have seen some LCD monitors mounted on a rolling cart. Maybe you saw some nurses carrying little tablet-shaped mobile clinical assistants (MCAs) like the Motion C5. As hospitals become more digital, they will incorporate more computers into patient rooms, the walls, the waiting rooms, the common areas, and even the operating rooms. We'll have computers everywhere and they'll rely on wireless technology like Wi-Fi to communicate. Doctors will use them to enter orders (CPOE). Others will check labs and other test results on computes. Patient will also get to view some of their own health record information on tablets and other types of mobile devices. Plus, you can expect that doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and social workers will all carry some type of mobile computer. The world of mobile computing will continue to explode in the health care industry as medical professionals recognize their need to stay connected and have access to vital information.

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