Friday, March 5, 2010

HP Slate, when will you arrive?

I admit that I’m eager to see the HP Slate. I want to see how this device compares to some of the earlier Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPCs) such as the Samsung Q1, the Samsung Q1 Ultra, and other slate-style mobile computers.

The other day, I played around with the Archos 9 PCTablet running Windows 7. It's very thin and it looks like a great device, but it uses a passive touch screen instead of a capacitive touch screen that is capable of multi-touch gestures.

So, here are my questions relating to the HP Slate:

•    What type of screen input options will be available? We can expect to see capacitive touch, but what about Wacom-based Penabled input? Will that be an option in future Slate models?
•    Will the HP Slate get very warm?
•    Battery life?
•    Real-world usability in health IT?

Will the HP Slate only be for consumers, or will it also have enterprise applicability?

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