Friday, July 9, 2010

HP QuickWeb

One of the best features found on the HP EliteBook 2740p is the HP QuickWeb button. (The older 2730p doesn't have this). This feature is great for travelers or other busy business professionals who simply need to open a web browser when their laptop is turned off. Why wait for your computer to boot up?

Pushing the QuickWeb button opens up a web browser almost instantly. It's really a great feature and I find myself using it more than I originally expected on the 2740p tablet PC. I can leave the 2740p off, and when I need to check a few things online, I simply push the QuickWeb button and a web browser opens right up.  After you're done, closing and shutting down the browser takes approximately 5 seconds.

You can learn more about the HP QuickWeb feature here.  The HP QuickWeb feature can be found on HP Business Notebooks like the EliteBook series.  When every second counts, you'll be glad to have access to the QuickWeb feature.

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